Healthy Summer FoodsWhat are the best foods to maximize your health this summer? Here is a list for you:

What are the best foods to maximize your health this summer? For starters, it is the food that is locally produced and at the top of Here is a list for you:

Green Tea
Have you ever thought about why Japanese live so long? Well, they drink a lot of green tea throughout their lives. It is very rich in antioxidants thus helping prevent damage in your cells. It is also helpful to lower cholesterol, improve blood flow, stabilize sugar levels in patients with diabetes. Should I go on or are you already convinced?

The obvious benefits are nutritional: animal protein, calcium and potassium. The best benefit, though, are the probiotics — bacteria naturally present in our intestines that help our digestion. Since everything we eat nowadays is cleaned and washed to the highest standards, our washes are washed under hot water with highly effective detergents, and even our children don’t play as often getting on the earth, the amount and variety of probiotics we ingest is diminishing. Eat your yogurt often and you will go regularly to the toilet.

The Spanish didn’t invent gazpacho for nothing. Not only it tastes good, it is also refreshing after an entire day with strong sun and dry weather. Tomatoes large amounts of lycopene, a carotenoid with antioxidant effects specially good for males due to helping reduce the risk of prostate cancer. If you eat your tomatoes with quality extra-virgin olive oil, like the Italian do, it helps your body absorb this lycopene.

These fruits are rich in antioxidants (have you noticed a common thread here?) and potassium, which in this case help promote blood flow and decrease blood pressure. They are also a rich source of natural melatonin, helping you sleep better at night — try cherry juice 30 minutes before dinner. It is also a good snack for diabetics, due to their low glycemic index.

My father has always promoted cucumbers as a way to lower blood pressure, and this is because they are rich in potassium. They are low in calories and also helpful with stress management and anxiety relief. They also make a good base with the next recommendation:

Dark, Green Leafy Salads
Their content is rich in fiber and helps with digestion and bowel movement. The dark greens are also rich in carotenoid antioxidants and also provide sun protection, which is especially good during the summer.

It is very rich in dietary fiber and low in calories, helping you with “gut management”. Zucchini is also very rich in magnesium (which helps your joints), and potassium (important for a myriad of cell functions, as well as for the heart health and regulating blood pressure). It is also very good for the skin, eating it as a food and also applying it directly on the skin.

There you go, a very brief grocery list to inspire you to eat healthier this summer. Enjoy!